I really want to do this!

Ep28. A Conversation with Clark

February 22, 2022

“I’m the boss of my own self” – “This is what I want to do, How am I going to get there, What are the ways I’m going to measure my progress on this goal, then reflect on whether I accomplished what I wanted to do. Then what could’ve I done better?” -  “What drives me? I can’t do something unless I’m really passionate about it!” – “Passion works! Passion is a major success factor” – “I need to go back to what I am passionate about” – “do what you love, if you do that, you’re gonna have passion about it, it’s gonna get you out of bed in the morning, you’re gonna be excited about doing your life’s work” – “Focus on being the best at what you are the best at, and what you love doing. You can find a way to make a living doing that” – “Always be studying, always be learning” – “put yourself around people that share your mentality and your view point and your drive, those are the people that are going to encourage you to stay on the same path” – “Find someone who is better at the thing that you want to accomplish than you are, and they will help push you to help you achieve that goal”. - https://www.clarkkotula.com/ 

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